Many general managers in the hospitality industry are considering how to pivot their maintenance programs as they traverse this difficult moment of the pandemic. Asset preservation in Hospitality may not be easy, and here is where it comes in handy to have some help.

While it is still critical to prevent the spread of hazardous infections by strategic cleaning and disinfection, now is an excellent moment to review initiatives that may have been overlooked. You can get that done through the ideal professionals, such as those Komodo Jobs can find for you.

Asset preservation in Hospitality

Asset preservation in Hospitality includes performing deep cleaning & maintenance programs.

Those are critical for the long-term preservation of valuable capital projects, such as hotels, restaurants and more. Examples of this are:

While asset preservation programs have always been important in the hotel sector, now is the moment to put more emphasis on them. Indeed, cleaning and maintenance programs are more relevant than ever, as the industry transitions to the “Next Standard.” Taking these procedures increases business and customer trust even while improving the general health of the hotel.

Asset preservation in Hospitality: long term care

In the past, the primary purpose of asset preservation in Hospitality industry was to extend the lifespan of materials such as floors, carpets, parking lots, and HVAC systems. Carpets and surfaces that seem to be clean, for example, can swiftly deteriorate if not properly maintained on a regular basis.

Commercial-grade carpeting has a 12- to 15-year average lifespan. Our specialists at Komodo Jobs discovered that quarterly cleaning routines can maintain an ideal appearance and achieve or surpass their range of service, regardless of the number of foot traffic in a hotel or the quality and kind of carpet fiber.

Maintenance is key

Similarly, consistent upkeep prolongs the appearance of floors. Following an assessment of individual use cases, consistent practice of stripping and polishing on a quarterly, biannual, or annual basis can extend their lifespan, avoid irreparable damage, and improve their overall appearance. Minor pavement repairs and weed removal on a regular basis can help avoid more costly repairs while also improving the aesthetic of parking lots.

For hotels and resorts that have been closed or seen reduced use, floors, carpets, and parking lots may have seen less use throughout COVID and required less care. However, this time of maintenance fees can only last so long until irreparable harm occurs.

Building Staff and Consumer Trust

While asset preservation in Hospitality is always a good idea, there’s another incentive to put these systems in place now: the shift in employee and guest expectations about hotel operations. People are more conscious of and sensitive to cleaning as a result of COVID. While strategic cleaning and disinfection programs should still be implemented, guests will judge hotels by their appearance. Air quality and filtration systems, as well as cleaning and disinfection techniques, are now better understood by employees and visitors.

Dirty, dusty, or worn-down resorts give the sense that the hotel is poorly managed, and can even influence one’s perception of the building’s general safety. Customer and staff happiness and retention might be influenced by these beliefs. In that regards, our staff agency in Orlando truly delivers the workers you’ve been looking for.

Interior Environments That Are More Healthful

Another key asset preservation strategy that helps extend the life of expensive HVAC systems is the high dusting of HVAC vents and air intakes.

Nowadays, there’s another reason why this cleaning method is so important: ventilation. Due to COVID-19 recommendations released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other global agencies, optimized and efficient HVAC systems and better airflow are top-of-mind.

Regular high-dusting of these areas by expert crews equipped with the necessary equipment ensures a healthier environment for both employees and visitors.

When Operations Restart, Preservation Means Healthy Operations

Asset preservation should be part of an overall shift to long-term sustainable operations in the hotel industry during the recovery.

General Managers must establish maintenance programs to cater to the increased cleaning expectations, as well as more long-term programs that address a resort’s demands across months, years, and even decades.

Asset preservation in Hospitality is something you should aim for. If you don’t know how to start and find the right people, contact Komodo Jobs!