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About Komodo Jobs

Komodo Jobs is a Human Resources Consultancy in Orlando. We specialize in searching, selecting, and recruiting qualified staff for your organization… in record time!

Our recruiters make sure to choose the best candidates to fulfill the needs of your vacant positions. We do so by goin through our extensive database that contains various profiles from different specializations.

Our know how and experience in the search and recruitment of personnel are the keys to our success in the state of Florida.

Komodo Jobs represents a perfect union between the companies that choose our employees and us.

Our service, quality, and responsibility set us apart from the competition.

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Working with us means:

Para negocios

Easy hiring process

Compensación de trabajadores

Nómina de sueldos


Gestión de recursos humanos

Para empleados

Beneficios de la salud


Educación gratis

Formación profesional

Crecimiento profesional y nuevas oportunidades

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Tenemos experiencia en la industria

At Komodo Jobs, we are sure that the right person can transform a business. That is why we ensure that your company has the best talent in the area. We are fast, we are reliable, fast & efficient, so we stand out from our competitors. 

We are the ideal partner for staff recruitment, as we fully know the tasks that must be performed and the new employee’s objectives.

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