Outsourcing staff during COVID recovery makes sense. Indeed, exporting the entire department raises standards while lowering costs.

A resurgent hotel business faces the difficulty of meeting increased visitor expectations while working with fewer employees and management. Full departmental outsourcing is one option for many hospitality businesses.

Staff agencies for hotels as Komodo Jobs take care of everything: from hiring to training! We take care of the costs and ensure quality workers, allowing you to focus on customer service and occupancy. With our help, you may cut costs by up to 30%!

Is outsourcing staff during COVID recovery truly an option?

COVID had a multi-layered effect on numerous characteristics. Then there was a drastic decline in occupancy and revenue. Layoffs, early retirements, and migration to other industries resulted in a loss of talent at all levels of the industry.

During a labor shortage, the third wave arrived when occupancy levels increased and guests began to return. There’s also the issue of guests having higher expectations for cleanliness. Full departmental outsourcing may be a solution to these issues for many properties, and it may be the key to success in the next long periods of recovery.

What Is Hospitality rating and how does It work?

Our outsourcing programs oversee the entire department’s operations, from the executive housekeeper to the hourly workers, but these systems must be properly customized to a property’s demands to meet quality standards.

We begin by identifying some of the important operational gaps and elements that Komodo Jobs can fill. To provide great customer experience, we incorporate cultural norms into our best practices and consistently train to the 10/5 rule, property knowledge, and welcoming standards. We have a dedicated individual who monitors our training as well as a director of quality control who ensures that the cleaning team adheres to the established standards.

Providing successful performance

It is a common operating procedure to integrate your service brand culture with our business culture.

We’ve implemented diamond service standards, as well as quality audit requirements, all of which contribute to the consistently high level of service we provide.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

As an operations executive you may be hesitant to outsource because they fear losing quality control and even a sense of pride and ownership among your businesses.

However, our outsourcing mode still requires ownership, brand standards, and a customized experience. We designed our training to fit the existing client’s brand and assure that the outsourcing staff will do the same, as well as satisfy the client’s performance standards. Obviously, we organize and design a model to match the client’s needs with the outsourcing model. We develop and implement it across our division, and we have the resources to do so.

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