It’s no secret that finding good talent is difficult, particularly in today’s economy. The unemployment rate is now hovering around 4%, according to the most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, in 2017, a total of 12 states reported their lowest unemployment Percentages EVER. Companies of all sizes are turning to our staffing agency in Orlando to fill positions in a hiring environment where talent is scarce.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary, part-time, or full-time employee,  a top-ranked staffing agency like ours  helps you find the best candidates. We advise you on staffing through the inevitable ups and downs in your business, and serve as your long-term recruiting and hiring partner.

Here are four examples of how a reliable staffing partner like Komodo Jobs can help take your business to the next level.

Save time and money with our staffing agency in Orlando

Small businesses frequently lack a human resources department to provide internal hiring resources, making it difficult to compete for top personnel. Even for large corporations with in-house HR departments, a staffing firm like Komodo Jobs can assist in the hiring process by saving time and money.

Hiring a new employee, regardless of company size, takes a significant amount of time that most internal hiring managers and human resources professionals simply do not have. Contracting a staffing firm to assist in the filling of available positions helps HR professionals to focus on the department’s current needs rather than sorting through hundreds of applicants, updating job advertisements, and interviewing candidates.

More than money savings

Managing the employment process internally comes at a high price. These expenditures include job posts, advertising, which was before skills testing, thorough background, drug screens, work eligibility confirmation checks, training/onboarding, and more, In addition, pay of personnel and recruiters who oversee the internal hiring process adds up to a lot.

All of these costs pile up and might have a negative impact on the company’s bottom line. Our staffing agency can handle all of the above and more, saving you money over the long term.

Additional options

Temporary recruitment is a specialty of staffing firms like Komodo Jobs.

We have people available on short notice if your firm requires extra workers right away. Disposable capabilities enable relieve your current employees’ workload and can be removed after the project is completed.

Another advantage of hiring temps is that you may “test before you hire”. Having the option to hire the person on a temporary basis first allows the company to assess how well the individual will fit in with corporate success as well as other staff.

Reduce the time it takes to hire

Recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring a new employee takes an average of eight weeks. Make no mistake: a long wait to employ implies missed chances and squandered resources.

A staffing firm’s candidates are pre-screened by someone with a recruitment eye who understands your company and what you’re searching for in a candidate. As a result, employers spend less time weeding out unqualified prospects and more time evaluating quality individuals.


Our staffing agency in Orlando has the experience, the know-how and talent to help you boost your business.

If you want to make things easier while saving money, contact Komodo Jobs. We’ll make sure to help you find the right people!